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Models are made of high quality wood, namely cherry, pear and Turkish nut tree. The manufacturing process requires high skills and demands an extreme level of precision. Both traditional and up-to-date methods of processing the wood are used. The goal is to capture the fundamentals and characteristic features of a car. Although not being exact copies, they are original in design, enhanced by the combination of colours of the wood and specifics of natural materials.

All parts 100% wood


Wooden replica car model Ford T 1913

Gifts even for presidents

Gift president Havel of the Czech Republic

Gift for President HAVEL - Czech Rep.

100% unique world-class


Leading companies (MERCEDEZ BENZ, ŠKODA - AUTO , IVECO, WIEDEMAN REICHHARD etc.) have used the models as unique presents for prominent people all around the world.


Jaguar SS, replica 100 % from wood


Wooden replica TATRA truck

Czechoslovak truck TATRA Kolos

Product videos

Replica of Mack Truck

Mack Truck replica of Australia model

Models are delivered including a sanded glass showcase and a woden support.
the fire brigade truck

The fire brigade wooden TATRA truck

Mercedes detail of replice from wood

Detail of Mercedes wooden replica car

Globally unique


Man truck mixer wooden replica


Unique natural wooden toys for boys/girls

Jewelry wooden boxes - gifts for Women
Wooden statues of angels, cyclists, statues of saints etc.
Aircraft wooden models, ship kits and vehicles - gifts for men
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Beautiful handmade natural toys made ​​of high quality wood in Czech Republic, EU. The certified toys are not colored, just waxed and polished. Wonderfully pleasant to the touch. They have a beautiful retro curves and perfect finishing.

Lokomotives, trains, railways wooden toys   Railways handmade toys from wood
Toys trams streetcars

Dear Mr. Solarík, Jan. 2014

About one hour ago a big parcel was delivered at our adress. Of course my wife and I started opening it at once. The trams and buses are in real even more beautiful than on a picture on our computerscreen! We are so very happy with this purchase! These means of public transport will become a very nice place in our collection of wooden cars, that we collected in your country in more than 20 years.

Yours sincerely,
Nico Paap
The Hague (Holland)


Dublin, Ireland 03. 12. 2013

The wooden toy arrived today, excellent service and the plane is just perfect for my son this Christmas.

Spielzeug o-bus trolleybus trolley

Wassenaar, Netherlands 27. September 2014

Hi Radek,
Good news! The parcel has been delivered by GLS about one hour ago.
The locomotive and wagon looks beautiful! I certainly will tell my friends about your wooden toys and where to order
them.Thus, you don't have to send a second locomotive, but I will order a new item out of your catalogue/product list in due time.
Thank you very much for all your efforts.
Best regards, John Borking


Customer Testimonials: Zurich, Switzerland 12. 09. 2014

Yesterday I got the airplane wooden toy and it looks great! Thanks a lot!
Best regards

Plane bomber B17 wooden toy
Plane bomber B17 wooden toy   


 Dipl.-Ing. Magrit Elsner, Hamburg 17. 04. 2013

Wir finden Ihre Holzspielzeuge, insbesondere die Straßenbahnen und den Trolleybus, toll und in ihrer Art sicher einmalig. Auch dass das Holz so naturbelassen und gewachst ist, ist sehr angenehm. Wir haben Ihre Produkte auch schon weiter empfohlen und glauben, dass es weitere Bestellungen geben wird.
Toy giocattolo Bus spielzueg

Spielzeug sind mobil, bewegende und wunderbar verpackt.

Jedes Spielzeug aus Holz wie Bus, Trolley, Zug, Lokomotive, Traktoren, Panzern und einem Bulldozer in unserem Angebot ist mobil oder anderweitig beweglich. Spielzeug Flugzeuge und Hubschrauber haben rotierenden Propeller. Cradle, Kinderbett oder Kinderwagen für Puppen haben schöne Decken und ein schönes Design.


Les jouets sont mobiles, émouvant et magnifiquement emballé

Chaque jouet en bois tels que les autobus, les trains, locomotives, des tracteurs, des chars et des bulldozers, des pelles dans notre offre est mobile ou non mobile. Toy avions et des hélicoptères ont hélice en rotation. Berceau, berceau ou une poussette pour poupées ont de belles couvertures et un design agréable pour les enfants.

wooden toys trucks

Beautiful natural toys made ​​of high quality wood from Central Europe. They are not colored, just waxed and polished. Wonderfully pleasant to the touch. They have a beautiful retro curves and perfect finishing.  Ecologically clean wooden toys. Realistic models of cars from wood - made in EU

locomotive toy


Bellissimi giocattoli naturali mobili in legno di alta qualità nella Repubblica ceca dell'UE. Offriamo solo i giocattoli sani e sicuri per i vostri bambini. Essi non sono colorati, appena cerato e lucidato. Meravigliosamente piacevole al tatto. Hanno una bellissima curve retrò e finitura perfetta. Giocattoli di legno ecologicamente pulita.

wooden trams toy

Each wooden toy such as bus, trolley, train, locomotive, tractors, tanks and a bulldozer in our offer is mobile or otherwise movable. Toy planes and helicopters have rotating propeller. Cradle, crib or stroller for dolls have beautiful blankets and a nice design.

Gift for US astronaut_Andrew_Feustel_ astronaut_andrew_feustel_replica_gift

2011 Czech Republic - wooden replica  as a gift for a U.S. astronaut Andrew J. Feustel.

Shipping cost to USA, Canada:
Pack ( max. 60,00 €) value = shipping cost 19,90  Euro
Pack ( over 60,00 €) value =  shipping cost   39,90 Euro

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Moderne Straßenbahn Spielzeug.Moderne Straßenbahn Spielzeug.
375x91x115 mm, zwischen den Rädern 40 mm. Eine Holzstraßenbahn aus massivem Buchenholz. Die Oberfläche ist eingewachst und poliert. Ein ökologisches Spielzeug für Kinder und Papis >
Stock 39.99 €39.00 € From 2 pcs
Trolleybus, 100% movable wooden toyTrolleybus, 100% movable wooden toy
290x100x120 mm Without box. Cool resistent wooden toy. Wheels are mooving. Very nicely done. Just waxed - EKO toy >
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Historischen Holz-Straßenbahn SpielzeugHistorischen Holz-Straßenbahn Spielzeug
350x102x115 mm, zwischen den Rädern 40 mm.Eine Holzstraßenbahn aus massivem Buchenholz. Die Oberfläche ist eingewachst und poliert. Ein ökologisches Spielzeug für Kinder und Papis. >
Stock 37.00 €36.00 € From 2 pcs